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Jun 7, 2021

As there's no set or prescribed route into or through a career in L&D, no two career journeys are the same.

This week on the Mind Tools L&D podcast, Gemma and her guests, Zahra Clarke-Johnney, Digital L&D Manager at English Institute of Sport, and Mind Tools' very own Sami Chan and Nahdia Khan, consider how to best plot one's way in, and through our evolving profession.

We discuss:

  • routes into the profession
  • where to find support
  • what the profession might hold in the future. 

Show notes

In 'What I Learnt This Week', Sami talked about food production in the Victorian era. You can find out more by watching this "Absolute History" YouTube video:

Gemma's discovery about Gagarin's landing in a potato field came from the BBC podcast "Gagarin and the lost Moon". You can listen in BBC Sounds:

We also mentioned the CIPD's New Profession Map. This can be found here:

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