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Jul 11, 2022

Since the dawn of history, people have been telling stories. Obviously, because the recorded history we have is in the format of a story. Now Ross Garner, Ross Dickie and David from the Mind Tools L&D Podcast crew are applying that technique to learning. 

We discuss: 

  • The benefits of storytelling for learning 
  • Examples of effective storytelling at work
  • How new technologies give us exciting opportunities to craft new tales!

During the discussion, Ross Garner discussed an article from The Guardian. You can read it here: 

In ‘What I Learnt This Week’, Ross Dickie discussed why it’s so hard to fix electronics:  

David shared something he had ‘knot’ previously known: 

And Ross Garner recommended Patti Shanks’ book Write Better Multiple-Choice Questions to Assess Learning. 

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