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Oct 24, 2017

As learning and development professionals, should we focus on learning outcomes or business outcomes? In this week's podcast, GoodPractice Business Development Director Chris Keenan argues that some parts of L&D lack basic business skills. He joins Ross G and Owen to share his experiences and chat about what we could do differently.

If you'd like to share your thoughts on the show, you can find Chris on Twitter @Chris_R_Keenan, Owen @OwenFerguson and Ross @RossGarnerGP.

You can also tweet @GoodPractice or @GoodpracticeAus.

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The graphic Owen referred to, comparing American Airlines and Southwest, can be seen on Twitter:

The audio books he is looking forward to are Niall Ferguson's The Square and the Tower: Networks, Hierarchies and the Struggle for Global Power and Bill Bryson's Appliance of Science.

The piece Chris recommended on football academics is available from The Guardian 

And, for more on ambiguity in Blade Runner, see Mark Kermode's documentary On the Edge of Blade Runner, available online at: